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Goldman, Imani & Goldberg, Inc. is committed to utilizing experienced, professional staff, and the most current technologies available to help you accomplish your recovery goals. As your partner, we offer unlimited options for achieving maximum recoveries, while maintaining positive customer relations and meeting state and federal requirements.

Goldman, Imani & Goldberg, Inc's Credit and Collections solutions help business process by increasing recovered funds, supporting client to customer relationships, and improving overall bottom lines. Our solutions successfully serve businesses of virtually every market segment, including financial, health care, education, government, utilities, technology, transportation & logistics, telecommunications, and commercial.

Our strategic approach utilizes skip tracing and many other asset identification and analytic processes, combined with the best technology available to look deep within a database and find the customers who are most likely to pay. The end result is an efficient process and tangible, favorable results.

Our operations management has created an account flow which runs each customer through cycles of work efforts. These cycles are created in such a manner as to not badger the customer while producing the highest possible return. To complete this winning combination our management infrastructure offers the most effective results possible while maintaining a high level of service to each customer.

Equal Opportunity Employer - Environment Friendly Company
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