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Professional Legal Claim Management

We strive to avoid the legal process, however when a claim appears collectible and the debtor still refuses to pay, referral to an attorney in the debtor’s locale may be your best option. In such cases, the GIG Professional Legal Claim Management team, and our network of preferred attorneys are able to provide specific, expert guidance throughout the process, addressing the range of local laws, to help you obtain a positive result. Legal referral is not the panacea for all uncollected claims, however referral, and careful utilization of litigation can substantially improve a creditors overall recovery.

The first objective of our Legal Claim Management is recovery without litigation. Litigation brings added risk and expense, and every effort is made to avoid the commencement of a lawsuit. When a claim is recommended and approved for legal referral, our first step is to explore possible settlement before actual forwarding and the typical increase in rates. If settlement cannot be affected, the claim is forwarded to the designated attorney and efforts to resolve the claim without suit continue. Often the mere involvement of a local attorney will prompt payment. Our attorneys are specifically instructed to investigate and seek resolution without litigation. Only after all avenues of recovery have been explored and exhausted is suit considered.

Often our Legal Managers will recommend against litigation, even though it is the only way we might earn a fee. Our goal is to maximize recovery while minimizing costs and risks to our clients. Goldman, Imani & Goldberg will not encourage litigation unless we are convinced there is a reasonable expectation of recovery.

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